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{This is where you can add your text for your About/Bio page. When you are in the “Edit Page” screen click the little yellow pencil edit button in the upper left corner, right above this text, to copy and paste or type in your own.} This is usually the 2nd or 3rd most viewed page on a website. People want to know who you are so share that with them. A few pointers to keep in mind: About/Bio pages need to be sure to do their very best in portraying what makes you unique and beautiful in your own way. Talk about both character & competence. People will go to you if you are a warm, kind and generous person {character} but if you don\’t know what you\’re doing {competence} they have trouble trusting you, even though they may really, really like you as a person. On the flip side, they will also go to you if you really got your stuff down and are top notch {competence} but if you have poor people skills and don\’t recognize the humanity in others {character} they will not feel good working with you. When you have both they are devoted to you. Balance those 2 parts out and you\’ll have a solid & interesting Bio. So if you\’ve already written the text part of your About page I encourage you to re-read through the lens of character & competence. About pages are the most difficult pages to write: how do you accurately portray how amazing you are and why your prospects should work with you in such a short little space?? How do you sound confident yet not boastful? How do you *wow* people so they feel like “she\’s awesome, she\’s totally got it together”?? These are the fine lines we must balance when writing the About page. To ensure that your text accurately portrays you I encourage you to run it by some of your most trusted confidantes, those who know you so very well & are some of your biggest supporters; the ones who see your sparkle and who you know are by your side rain or shine. They will give you insights that can be hard to see about yourself and they will also help you see the things in you that set you apart, the things that you uniquely have to offer and give in all your relationships. Because how we do anything is how we do everything and that flows over into all areas of our lives. I also encourage you to consider where you want to go in your business while writing this page ~ it will help to bring in the visionary side of your business. And also consider how do you want your guests to feel when they are finished reading that page? What do you want them to both know about and feel towards you? What are your greatest strengths? What do those who have worked with you say consistently about you? Running your About text through these various lenses will help you shine the light on the things that matter most to people in why they have chosen to work and relate with you.