My Thankful List for this Year

In Greece we do not celebrate Thanksgiving. However, in view of the approaching Christmas Holidays and since this will be my last post for the year, I decided to reflect on the year that passed and write a list of what I’m most thankful for.

Wedding in Greece



*The good health of my family’s, friend’s and myself

*My family, for being my biggest cheerleaders and for helping me become who I am

*My sister, for being my partner in crime, my best friend and my guardian angel

*My friends who love me in spite of my shortcomings

*My home, for being my safe haven.

*My girlies from college who despite the fact that I don’t see them often, I adore them, since the day I first met them at City University

*My business, for giving me the opportunity to do something I LOVE every day and realizing how rare this is nowadays

*My team, for working on making my dream a reality

*My clients, who give me an opportunity to be part of their lives, their families and happiest moments

*My closest friends in the industry, who guide me and motivate me to grow

*Being fortunate enough to be able to travel across the world, and get transported away from reality

*Spending my summer traveling for work and seeing some of the most beautiful places of my country

*Surfing, that gives me a sense of serenity and freedom

*A good coffee, for there is no better way to start my day

*Great food for being one on the greatest pleasures in life

*My love for baking for allowing me to transform simple ingredients to  magic

*Friday drinks with best friends, who have made my Fridays in the past 2 years, the best day in the week

*Pinterest that allows me to get inspired  by the creativity of others

*My beautiful journal for keeping me organized and for hosting my most precious thoughts, experiences and memories 

*Christmas for being my favorite time of the year

*Spending every New Years day since I was a child unwrapping surprise gifts with my family  

*My country’s sunshine, for being the reason I never regretted moving back home

*My country, for being the most beautiful place on earth, for being one of the reasons I have a job, for feeling grateful I was born here

*People’s smiles, that brighten up my days when I least expect it.

*For making mistakes that help me become better

*For Laughter, for serenading my life with joy

*For all kinds of love that let us feel what it means to truly be alive

*For Daring, dreaming, and failing. And getting up again.

*For Hope that gives me strength to believe in my day dreams

I am thankful for the good times and the bad of the year that is about to pass and hopeful for the adventures that are yet to come.

I wish you all Peace, Joy, Hope and Happiness during this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year.


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  1. wish you all the best Vana!!! Happy holidays!!!

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