An Interview with VIPARTIES

Today we are interviewing Nikos Tsirozidis, the owner of VIPARTIES, a leading provider of DJs, sound, music, lighting and entertainment for events. One of the oldest companies in the business, VIPARTIES has an amazing track record of reliability and the highest quality of services when it comes to selecting your wedding’s DJ and entertainment provider!

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How did you start VIPARTIES?

The idea of music entertainment was something very strong to me, since I was a teenager. When the right time arrived, I decided to make the big step in my professional career and start my company named VIPARTIES. Our office is based in Nea Smyrni / Athens. Through our site (, you can see a sample of our work and all the services provided.

How long have you been doing events?

Officially, VIPARTIES exists since 2003. This was the year my big dream came true. Unofficially, I play music in any kind of event since 1997. Music is my passion and the possibilities of evolving in this sector are endless. Even now, after all these years, along with my valuable partners and co-workers, I have been improving my services, in terms of technology, experience and quality.


What services do you provide?

Our main object is music & sound coverage of events. However, the clients’ demand has driven us to offer a more complete package of services. Support in lights, audiovisual, live bands, dancing shows, fireworks, etc. is a sample of our additional services. Generally, we provide a wide range of professional services related to entertainment.

Which parts of Greece do you cover?

We provide our services literally everywhere! The only thing you have to do is … contact us and leave the rest to us. All equipment provided for event are privately owned, therefore we can take good care of them and assume full responsibility of our high-class services.

Many couples think that hiring a vendor from Athens for an island wedding in Greece will prove more costly than hiring a local vendor. Do you agree?

Allow me to partly disagree with this opinion. The transportation cost from/to Athens is always an added cost to the client. However, consistency and professional service always play an important role for any kind of event. Local vendors get usually “stuck” to the same music and equipment. They will provide a standard sound package, whether it is suitable for the occasion or not. Flexibility is another issue here. A local DJ cannot always meet all clients’ expectations. We must constantly be ahead of music & technology. This year, we have a strong team of 12 professional DJs, all well trained and experienced. In many cases we have realized that, due to monopoly issues, local DJs could cost you the same or even more, in comparison to our services. For VIPARTIES, any event is unique and no mistake is allowed! So, why take the risk and work with someone that his work is not proven?



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