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This week’s blog post is dedicated to a venue which is located in the outskirts of Athens but is far from what you would imagine a city venue to look like. The Island Art & Taste complex is a true haven located on the beautiful Athenian Riviera in the area of Varkiza, just 30 minutes away from the center of Athens, hosting 5 different venues within its premises. All venues are built and decorated in a different manner and each one is special in its own way in order to accommodate every style. This venue is unique in Athens and very popular with couples as it combines the convenience of holding a wedding in Athens with a look which transports you and guests to a Greek island.

To give you a little more insight into this beautiful venue and how it operates we have met up and interviewed their events team. Enjoy!

How many venues does Island Art & Taste consist off?

The ISLAND except from the well known club restaurant has created five different reception areas. The GALLERY, the RESIDENCE, the luxury PRIVATE HOUSE, the C – LOUNGE, and the PRIVE, areas with different aesthetics between them. These venues are famous for their quality and the highest level of services and have hosted many luxury and demanding events in Athens over the recent years.

The GALLERY, has capacity of 500 people seated, which is escalated in levels, creating a cozy atmosphere, with a unique view of the sea and a beautiful church perched on the cliff.

The RESIDENCE, with capacity of 1200 people seated, is an imposing garden full of long standing olive trees, with natural boundary of the sea. A place where the Mediterranean architecture and abstraction of elements dovetails with the naturally of the landscape.

The aesthetics of the PRIVATE HOUSE is based on Mediterranean elements and materials, designed with a contemporary design, combining natural landscape with its discreet luxury, the overall of it, makes you feel like hovering over the sea. The luxurious PRIVATE HOUSE, except from personal or business events, can be host executive lunches or dinners, and can provide all the necessary audiovisual equipment for a perfectly organized conference or a meeting. The capacity for a seated reception reaches up to 400 people

The C – LOUNGE, is an ideal place for business lunches or dinners, cocktails and private parties. The decoration, which combines the simplicity of minimalist furniture and lighting. Phillip Stark collectibles ethnic furniture from Bali, Africa, India, & Sri Lanka giving the space an exotic feeling that travels over the endless blue

The PRIVE with a seating capacity of 100 is an ideal area for corporate dinners, while at the same time providing direct access to the Island Club. Its modern air is in perfect harmony with the Mediterranean aura of the other features, while the large verandah with a superb view of the sea creates a magical scene of unsurpassable beauty.

Which months of the year do your wedding venues operate?

Our venues operates from May to the middle of October, always depending on weather conditions, but the Private House & the C-lounge since they have an inside area can operate throughout  the year.

Until what time are your venues operating at night?

The ending time of the reception is at 05:00 o’clock the latest.

How many of your venues have facilities for a wedding ceremony?

Only the Gallery area has a chapel, where the guests can use in order to make the wedding ceremony.

Do you have a minimum number of guests in each venue for particular dates of the week?

The minimum number of guests for evening receptions on Fridays and Saturdays is: for the venue of Gallery 250 people, for the venue of Residence 350 people and for the venue of Private house 250 people. In case a client wishes to have the reception for less people than mentioned before , then that is possible , but there will be an extra charge of 32,00€ per person based on the difference of the number of the attending guests to the minimum number of guests.

Is the catering in house?

The caterer that we are working with in exclusive basis is the Aria Geuseon. All the raw materials come from this Catering company while the preparation is done in our kitchen premises

Do you do food tastings?

Yes, we provide to our customers the possibility of tastings so as to assess the quality of our catering.

Do you offer recommendations of different DJs or do we need to hire one externally?

Concerning the D.J. we have different DJ companies that we have exclusive collaborations with, so that our customers do not need to hire one externally

Can you hear the music from one venue to the other?

The sound installation is installed in such way , in order to have the option to different sound intensity on the dance floor than at the tables that are set at the perimeter of the area so that all guests will be able to participate but not be disturbed by the intensity of the sound at the tables.

Are live music bands allowed in your venues?

It depends of the kind of the music and the band. In any case the customer has to be in communication with our DJ partners in order to arrange the set up according to our venue standards.

What is your contingency plan in case of bad weather?

In case of bad weather conditions, the areas have the possibility to be covered with tents at an extra cost.

Are your venues close to hotel accommodations?

Yes, they are close to big hotel complexes like the Margi Hotel, Amarilia Hotel, The Astir and The Divani Apollon.

For more information please visit or contact the venue directly at: Tel +30 210 89 25 109 | +30 210 89 25 110 | +30 210 89 25 111 & Email:

The Private House


The Private House


The Private House


The C-Lounge


The C-Lounge


The Gallery


The Gallery


The Residence


The Residence


The Island Prive


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