All You Need To Know About Bridal Make-up by Salina Thind

This week’s blog post is dedicated to an element of the wedding that is usually very stressful to brides; the bridal make-up. Therefore we met up and interviewed the top London based make-up  artist Salina Thind who also happens to be a great friend of ours!

Salina undertakes weddings throughout Europe and of course in lovely Greece! So if you are looking for a flawless look on your special day, look no further! She is you go-to-girl!

Salina, please give us a little information on your most important projects so far.

I’ve been a make-up artist for almost 10 years and in that time I’ve built up an extensive portfolio which, as well as weddings, includes red carpet events, magazine shoots, tv commercials, Fashion Week shows. I’ve worked all over the UK, Ireland, Germany and Italy.

When is the right time to book a make-up artist for my wedding date?

I’d say the sooner the better, especially if you’re getting married at a popular time of year – so many brides leave the make-up and hair bookings as the last thing they deal with.

Do I need a trial?

I would always recommend a trial as it will mean you’re more relaxed on your wedding day as your look is planned, but also from an allergic reaction point of view.  Some people have a reaction to the most innocuous of products, so it’s always best to try everything out before the big day.  Another benefit of a trial is that I can always see what my bride’s skin is like and recommend what she needs to do in the lead up to the wedding day in regards to her skincare regime.

Would you require a deposit?

Most artists will require a deposit and I usually ask for 50% to be paid on the trial day.

How long does it take for the bridal make-up on the day?

I like to take between 45mins to an hour as the time is also used to relax the bride, I also add on an extra 30mins for anything that comes up/emergencies/extras as the bride is normally being interrupted to answer last minute questions etc.

Is it a good idea to book you for the bridal party’s make-up or shall I book another artist?

This completely depends on the number of extra people in the bridal party.

How much time is needed for them?

Around 30mins per person minimum.

Is it advisable to ask to see the make up artist’s portfolio?

ALWAYS see the make-up artist’s portfolio.

How are a make-up artist’s charges calculated?

Some charge separately for trial, wedding day and extra people and some charge a set package price – I tend to tailor my quotes to each wedding as everyone has a differing number of people in their bridal party, but also the length of time I’m needed.

Can a make-up artist duplicate a makeup look from pictures in a magazine?

Pictures are a great way to be inspired or get across the tone of what you want but be very careful when asking for an exact match, especially if your skin tone/features/colouring are not the same as the person you’re giving as an example.

What kind of information / photos would you require before the trial?

I always like to have a natural shot of my bride and an idea of what her dress is like to give me a rough guide so I can come up with looks I think will suit, I also like them to send me any inspiration pictures they may have so I’m prepared and can offer my advice of what will and won’t work.

How do I keep my makeup fresh for the whole day? Do I need to buy certain products before the wedding in order to do touch ups on the day?

A lot of this will have to do with the products your make-up artist uses on you – I normally equip my brides with either the products or let them know what they’ll need on the day so they’re prepared.  Generally, some blot powder or blotting papers and a lipstick will be all you need after your make-up artist has done her magic.

Do you charge a travel or location fee? How far do you travel for that fee? What other travel-related expenses will I need to cover?

I don’t normally charge a travel fee within London, however if travelling further out in the UK or abroad for a destination wedding then yes, travel (time it takes plus the actual travel costs) and accommodation is usually paid.

For Salina’s beautiful portfolio visit For a more information on her work and her rates please contact her on // +44 (0) 7740348876

The photos below showcase some of Salina’s beautiful work!

Salina Thind 1

Salina Thind 2


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