Bridal Spa Treatments at Anazoe Spa, Costa Navarino

Wedding planning is undoubtedly a stressful process for every bride. Today, however we are exploring how brides can decompress a couple of days before their wedding and treat themselves to a magical spa experience!

If you have been lucky enough to stay at The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort or at the Westin Resort in Costa Navarino’s first resort area Navarino Dunes, you will have come across the serene sanctuary of the Anazoe Spa. The Anazoe Spa is a beyond beautiful space within the resort offering an excellent variety of specialty treatments based on ancient health and beauty practices which utilize the area’s natural ingredients and unique products of the surrounding nature.

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According to Costa Navarino the name “Anazoe” is derived from the Greek word for rejuvenation and encapsulates the underlying aim of the spa, total revitalization of body and spirit in accordance with the ancient Greek maxim “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.  If you are planning a wedding within the resort or in the surrounding regions we strongly encourage you to arrange some treatments! Don’t forget to make your booking early and treat yourselves and your bridal party to a day of unwinding in this relaxing environment.

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Recommended Treatments for Brides:

Traditional Olive Nourishing Facial

This refreshing and soothing facial utilizes the ingredients of lime blossom, sage and olive leaf to give skin a healthy glow. It includes a hydrating ampoule treatment to improve the quality and appearance of the skin as well as a luxurious facial massage and a hydrating hand and foot treatment. 80 minutes


Messinian Salt & Honey Scrub                                                                                            

This luscious honey-based scrub uses the honey of Messinia to soften your skin while lifting your spirit with a combination of healing oils and local herb essences. 50 minutes

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Melisseus, the Spirit of Honey             

Heat and honey are good for the skin and support the body’s energy balance. The Honey Concept combines the power of heat with activating and balancing massage techniques. The application of gentle heat promotes circulation and relaxes muscles, which in turn helps loosen stubborn knots during massage. An amazing multi-faceted treatment, the results of which include a special experience for the senses. 50 or 80 minutes

Oleotherapy® Body Retreat

Oleotherapy® is well-known for its powerful hydrating properties. The therapeutic benefits of olive oil, lime blossom, sage, calendula flowers and rosemary remineralize, soothe, and rejuvenate dull skin. The wrap is applied full-body, including face application. 50 minutes

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Oleotherapy® Manicure (including hydrating treatment, Anazoe moisturizer & manicure)

50 minutes

Oleotherapy® Pedicure (Including hydrating treatment, Anazoe moisturizer & pedicure)

80 minutes

Bridal Make-up

60 minutes

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For more information please contact Anazoe Spa at tel: (+30) 27230 90100



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