Up close and personal: 5 Things you didn’t know about me!

Over a conversation I had with one of our clients last week, I was surprised to get some personal questions from her about me. I was quite happy to get these but I was surprised since normally our conversations revolve around all things wedding!

I find getting to know a client is a very important step in the process but its equally important that our clients get to know us too and most of the times knowing us goes way beyond our work ethic and ways we interact within our business. Therefore, I took this opportunity to share with everyone a few things that most of my clients and vendors would not know about me!

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Photo by Thanasis Kaiafas


♥ I have studied Law  

As soon as I finished school here in Greece, I moved to London to pursue my (then!) biggest passion, to become a lawyer. I studied Law and specialized in Shipping Law in London, where I also worked in legal related positions for 4 years. Although my career has now gone in a completely different direction, I have learnt so much from my degrees and have found them so useful in my business that I have never regretted the countless hours of studying Case Law in the university library!

Wedding in Greece


♥ I love baking

This is something that only my close friends know about me, mostly because I use them as my guinea pigs! It is also something that I adore doing on my spare time as I find it incredibly soothing and creative! I love baking anything from cupcakes, cake pops, birthday cakes, etc! People say that my future husband will be a very lucky man!!

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♥ My passion is traveling

My greatest passion in life is travelling. This is where I spend most of my money on, this is the main source of my inspiration for work and life, and for those who know me it is what characterizes me most as a person. Every year around Christmas, which is a quiet season for my business, I take a couple weeks off and travel to one of my must-visit destinations. I usually do this with my sister and on the last day of our trip we decide on the destination of our next trip, which gives us something to look forward to the entire year! I have visited many lovely places around the world with some of the highlights being Sri Lanka, Maldives, Japan, California and China.

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♥ I am obsessed with surfing

It’s been a little over 2 years since I first tried surfing and I fell in love with this sport. Surfing in Greece is not very popular, at least not as popular as wind surfing is, but since I first tried it out, I spend most of my summer holidays and any chance I get travelling around the country and abroad to catch some good waves! Surfing is such an exhilarating sport and while it is challenging there is something magical about it.

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♥ I love all things beautiful

Now this is way too broad you would think and I would agree with you, but it’s true. I love anything beautiful and this is part of the reason I became a wedding planner. I am a girl’s girl! I love stationary, ribbons, calligraphy, pretty notebooks and pencils, beautiful flowers, cakes, dresses, home decorations, beautiful antiques, handmade creations! I can spend countless hours in front of Pinterest looking at inspirational items and ideas and I completely lose track of time!






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  1. Karen says:

    This is the Vana I have always known of!!!! You are such a sweetie!

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