Interview with Nikos Gogas

Today we are interviewing one of the best Greek Wedding Photographers, Nikos Gogas.

Nikos specializes in destination weddings all over Greece with a particular flare (as you will see in his jaw-dropping images below) in the beautiful island of Santorini!

Nikos is also a member of Wed-Pro!

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How did you choose wedding photography?

I love weddings! So many things are happening around me: kids are running around, girls are doing their make-up, , grandparents are so emotional and cry, people are dancing and last but not least the wedding couple…so many emotions, they are waiting to get the best shot of their lives on this day. That´s why I chose to become a wedding photographer. I feel that I not only shoot their wedding…I tell a story…their story…this pictures will remain with them forever and remind them of a very special moment in their life.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

My first wedding is 20 years ago. The bride back than was pregnant. The funny thing is that this summer I shot the wedding of her daughter.


Where do you draw inspiration in a wedding?

I’m really into the photography of the 30’s and 60’s. Another source of inspiration is the classic black & white photography of Cartier Bresso.

Where would be your dream destination wedding?

My favorite destination wedding experience so far was 2012 in Jaipur where I had the honor to shoot a Royal Style Indian Wedding at a real Maharaja Palace. To shoot more weddings like this one is one of my biggest dreams.

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What do you wish all couples knew about hiring a photographer? 

If the could differ between the real artist in wedding photography and the “others”!

How many images do you shoot and present on average per wedding?

I shoot about 2000 to 2300 photos but I keep approx. 700/800! This is the amount the couples get usually.

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Do you use an assistant photographer?

I prefer to look more like a guest at the wedding and not like a whole TV Team! I prefer being decent…almost invisible for the people and the couple. That’s why I prefer to work alone or with another professional photographer. Only in the case I am hired to shoot with a analogic camera I need an assistant.

How long do you stay at a wedding?

My contract is for 8 hours but when the party is good I’ll stay until the early morning hours, making snapshots with my little camera.


How long after the wedding will the product and proofs be ready?

For digital photography approx. 30 days. For analogical photography approx. 45 to 60 days.  Albums, books and prints are usually made during off-season where I have the time to make them perfect.

We have asked Nikos to show us some of his favorite wedding photos he has taken over the years. Enjoy the beautiful images and for more infomration contact Nikos on: // T +30 6977445584



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