The First Meeting with A Couple

With our couples coming from the all over the world and sometimes places on the other side of the world like New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and the US we don’t always get to meet them until a day or two before their wedding. The first meeting in person is so exciting. Usually we will have started our communication with a couple at least 12-16 months before their wedding so for the duration of this time our relationship has grown but we still have never met in person.

Usually in the beginning there is so much enthusiasm and anticipation, and even a little stress (on my part anyway!) but as soon as we sit down for a chat the feeling that we have known, worked alongside each other and communicated almost every day with these people across from us, for the past year – year and a half makes everything so familiar and then we start to have fun!
In one of our weddings last year in Mykonos, Thanasis Kaiafas was able to beautifully capture a first meeting like that and I am happy to share this with you today!


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Mykonos Weddingphotos-00010
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