3D Figurines as your Wedding Cake Topper by SOLID 3D!

This has been the year of cake toppers and many couples are looking for unique ideas to place on top of their wedding cakes and to keep after the wedding as a special keepsake. We have seen many wonderful ideas but one in specific has caught our attention as it is by far the most unique we have ever come across! This is the idea of creating 3D figurines of the bride and groom, a true-to-life miniature version of the couple, which adds an amazing touch of customization and makes the day even more memorable.

And we were beyond excited to find out that a Greek company, based in Athens, SOLID 3D can make this idea a reality for all couples!

We asked SOLID 3D to give us insight into their company, tell us a little more about 3D printing and how they can create these state of the art figurines for your special occasions.


About SOLID 3D

SOLID 3D was founded for the purpose of providing a broad array of 3D printing and scanning services. These include models, prototypes, object scanning and printing. The models are built by production printers of very high accuracy in a variety of colors and a wide range of materials.

With Solid 3D everyone has finally the chance to materialize or reproduce the object they need in a 100% individualized process.


What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a process that converts 3D CAD models into real objects. An object is literary built from scratch in microscopic superimposed layers in a process that resembles office printers, hence the name 3D Printing.

The technology of 3D printing can have applications in many sectors namely, jewelry production, architectural models, statues but also in medical applications, mechanical and industrial design and many more.

The advantages of 3D printing are speed of production, versatility, low cost and a wide range of materials.

Petros Figurines1a

How does the process work?

The process of creating these unique figurines works in 5 simple steps:

  1. Scanning

Solid 3D enables you, thanks to the advanced technology, to scan yourself in order to get a true three dimensional replication. The three dimensional scan is a simple procedure that can be implemented at our offices or to your venue by appointment.

  1. Post scanning production

Our team of specialists processes the three dimensional file until the final result is perfect.

  1. 3D Printing

Once the processing of three dimensional file is completed, we are ready to print you! The Solid 3D, using the latest generation of three dimensional printers, guarantees the production of a replica of yourself.

  1. Post print process

After printing, Solid 3D refines the figurine’s final shape.

  1. Packaging and shipping

The figurine is ready for delivery! Solid 3D takes care with the packing and ships your figurines to your desired destination!

For a more detailed presentation of the process see the following video:


For further information check out the website of Solid 3D on: http://solid3dprint.com

Email them for a quote on support@solid3dprint.com

Call them for any questions on +30 210 3251750.

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