Day Designer, the Best Yearly Planner!

Happy New Year to our Blog readers!

I hope everyone had a great holiday break. We have returned with many new experiences and exciting ideas to share with you! One of which is a charming purchase I made just before the holidays. Since high school I have been keeping yearly calendars. Not only for work-related tasks but also for my personal thoughts and plans. A few weeks before the end of each year, one of my favorite things is to look for next year’s calendar. And this year I think I found the perfect one!

While browsing a store in Venice, Los Angeles, CA, I discovered a true gem, The Day Designer® by Whitney English.

Apart from being a true eye candy, chic and stylish, the Day Designer® has 12 months of dated pages, monthly and yearly overviews as well as family, financial, personal, spiritual and career goal setting lists, as well as brand planning. On each dated page you will also find an inspirational daily quote, a schedule list and a To-do list, Dinner, Gratitude, Top 3 To-Do prompts, spending calculator and a download reminder.

I can’t wait to start filling this out!

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