Trend No 5: Wedding Hashtags

Hashtags are an awesome way to keep up with all of the photos taken by guests. They enable guests to share photos from their perspective and they make it easy for you to print instagram photos following your wedding.

Couples are now using Instagram to document their wedding by providing guests with a custom #hashtag. Instagram is a camera app available on the Iphone and Android that allows you to take a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, and then post the photo!

Create a hashtag that is unique to your wedding, it can be a combination of your names and a date or whatever your heart desires! Then let your guests know about it through your signage, invites, or programs. When your tech savvy guests upload images and type in your custom #hashtag it allows the photos to be searchable and stored in one place. After all, your photographer can’t be in multiple places at once!

Therefore create a fun hashtag that fits your wedding theme or style, and make a sign to display near the bar and food areas.

Here are some ideas!

Photo 1

{Source: The Bird & The Bear Photography & Films}

Photo 2

{Source: Watson-Studios}

Photo 3

{Source: Session Nine Photographers}

Photo 4

{Source: Captured Photography by Jenny}

We hope you have enjoyed Trend #5. We will be back next week with another hot trend for 2014 weddings!


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