Trend No 7: Naked Wedding Cakes

Maybe you haven’t heard of a naked cake before but naked wedding cakes  are one of the hottest trends for weddings lately. In its simplest form, a naked wedding cake still has all the flavor and frosting, but instead of the outside frosting of fondant or buttercream, the cake is naked. Couples work really hard to pick out the flavors they want to incorporate in their cakes, the fillings, fruits, buttercream and all these ingredients get hidden behind the fondant and frosting. The advantage of the naked cake is you can see what is incorporated into the cake!

These cakes are more matching to a rustic or vintage stilled wedding. However there is a lot of room for creativity when it comes to shape which can be round or square, height which can be one or multiple tiers but also these cakes are perfect for incorporating different decorations such as fruits, flowers, cake toppers and always go well with a nice cake stand.

If you are still not sold on my naked cake, have a look at these delicious cakes below!

Photo 1

{Source: Green Wedding Shoes}

Photo 2

{Source: Annabella Charles Photography}

Photo 3

{Source: Landon Jacob}

Photo 4

{Source: Jose Villa}

Photo 5

{Source: Nicole Berett}

We hope you have enjoyed Trend #7. We will be back next week with another hot trend for 2014 weddings!


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