Trend No3: Bow Ties & Suspenders

This week we are exploring the very fashionable men’s attire trend of bow ties and Suspenders.

Lately weddings have grooms, best men & groomsmen donning bow ties and suspenders. This fashion statement deviates from the formal black tie and provides a more relaxed look with a twist to men’s attire.

Suspenders are an accessory that can be matched with your wedding theme and can also add a splash of color. Check to the photos below for inspiration & ideas of how to customize these beautiful accessories to your wedding theme!

Photo 3

{Source: Troy Grover Photographers}

Photo 10

{Source: The Robertsons}

Photo 9

{Source: Jose Villa}

Photo 13

{Source: Mi Amore Foto}

Photo 4

{Source: Panagiotis Kounoupas}

Photo 6

{Source: Wings of Photography}

Photo 2

{Source: Brett Hedebrecht}

Photo 5

{Source: Brinton Studios}

Photo 7

{Source: Jessica Lorren}

Photo 1

{Source: Ann Lee}

We hope you have enjoyed Trend #3. We will be back next week with another hot trend for 2014 weddings!



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