Samantha & Peter
An autumn wedding in Crete, inspired by Greek Mythology

Samantha and Peter exchanged vows in early autumn in the Greek island of Crete.

From the beginning of their wedding planning, the couple wanted to incorporate elements of the Greek Mythology as well as elements and colors from the ancient artifacts discovered in Crete from the Minoan civilization.

We started the planning with finding a venue that was typical of the Cretan landscape, a farm surrounded by olive trees and vines near Rethymno Town. We designed a menu which contained only local organic produce so that the guests could experience the renowned Cretan culinary journey.

With the help of Manousenia designs, our stationary designer, we reviewed various ancient Cretan murals and statues and drew inspiration from them, which she later hand-illustrated in their invitation suite.

In the choice of colors for their d├ęcor we opted for an autumn palette to reflect the season of the wedding but also used different shades of deep red, ochre and blue to represent the colors that were used in the ancient Cretan Minoan Art.

We also used locally produced pottery with hand written calligraphy for the seating chart.

Lastly, we drew further inspiration from a Cretan love story found in the Greek Mythology. In this story, Ariadne the daughter of the King of Crete Minos fell in love with a young prince from Athens named Theseus. Theseus had been sent from Athens to Crete to be sacrificed to an evil bull called Minotaur. Minotaur was locked up in an unnavigable labyrinth created by King Minos, and anyone who entered the labyrinth was doomed to be devoured. In order Theseus, Ariadne helped him conquer the labyrinth and kill the Minotaur by giving Theseus a ball of thread. When Theseus entered the labyrinth, he unrolled the thread, which allowed him to find his way back out. He found the Minotaur deep in the recesses of the labyrinth, killed it with his sword, and followed the thread back to the entrance where he reunited with Ariadne.

Based on this Myth, we incorporated vintage spools and thread in the table numbers and guest place cards as a symbol of love always finding ways to navigate through difficult circumstances.

  • Photography: Hanna Monika
  • Venue: Agreco Farms
  • Florals: Manfleur
  • Stationary: Manousenia Design
  • Tableware Rentals: White Lilac 
  • Cake: Poulette Pastry
  • Sound & Lights: Music Event
  • Hair & Make-Up: Michalis Tsotras



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