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My thoughts on work, travel and life in between

My thoughts on work, travel and life in between

How I avoided the 7 year burn-out
March 1, 2018

How I avoided the 7 year burn-out

Redefining my life & business to avoid burnout

This is how it happened.

I started my business in my late 20s and loved it! The rush of building something that was quickly becoming successful was exhilarating! I worked hard and threw myself into YEARS of non-stop, beyond crazy work loads, and I did all of this alone. Every day, every weekend, my email was on.

Admittedly there were signs that some things were slipping in other parts of my life, but I ignored them because when you’re the hustler, you can magic up any excuse in the world to keep your business running and momentum going. Plus when things get tough in other aspects of you life, where do you turn? Well your happy place, your creative outlet, the place where you feel most confident at, your work.

So yes you are likely to find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. But I truly believe that life or God allows these hard times to happen in our lives in order to transform us. I have been in similar situations, overloaded with too many projects, too many responsibilities and my personal life suffering. The key is to realize soon and take action!

First, you have to get ruthless. Get ruthless about what you allow into your life, into your day-to-day, both professionally and personally and what you allow to take root in your heart. As I strove to reclaim my life from the endless hustle, I asked myself one simple question for every single project, collaboration pitch and new to-do: Does this matter to the big picture into my life.

Then I put this in practice. I cut down 20% of the weddings I undertook each year. I decided my emails were a Monday-Friday operation only, I focused more on myself, my personal care, my family, my relationship, my new island home and what made me happy outside of work. And then focused on what made me happy at work and decided that to do this, I needed to delegate the elements that didn’t get my heart fluttering.

Guys delegating is a huge part of getting ahead!

We business owners tend to often play the role of a juggler. But the truth is that we can’t be good at everything so we must learn to seek help where we need it.  Choose what you like most about your business and find people who are excited to do the things you don’t, to join your team. For example, I love communicating with couples & I love understating all the event design from start to finish. While I am not so keen to do accounts, chase vendor payments, etc. Trust me you will find people out there who are passionate about these tasks too. And getting them onboard will take off your company!

I promised a while back to be more open and to share more of my real journey with you, in the hopes that sharing these experiences might not only help other business owns out there but also bring us closer together. After all I am not here to pretend I have it all together or that I am superhero. I am here to show you my real and unpolished journey. The journey of a girl chasing her dreams, taking a leap and hoping I a step closer to my happiness. 

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