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My thoughts on work, travel and life in between

My thoughts on work, travel and life in between

The sneaky things I do on weddings
Aug. 25, 2017

The sneaky things I do on weddings

I don’t mean to get my past and future brides alarmed but today I wanted to share with everyone a few things that my couple’s are not aware of and things I do during their weddings to keep me happy!

* Treat My Team – I like to treat my team to a nice dinner on the evening before the wedding. Even if there is a rehearsal dinner the day before, I prefer to make a booking afterwards in a nice restaurant and spend some time with my team. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy a nice meal, chat about things unrelated to weddings, bond and relax before the big day.

* My Song – You know how there is the song of the couple which they dance too, then the song of the cake, etc, etc? I have a favorite song too and I am sure you do as everybody does! So what I do is when I see the same or a similar genre of music playing at the reception, I ask the DJ to sneak in my song there somewhere and this totally uplifts my mood!

* The Cake – For those of you that are not aware of this fact, in Greece due to the heat and humidity the cake that the couple cuts comprises of a number of dummy – not edible – cake tiers and a top tier that the couple cuts, that is the real one and from which they have their shared piece. The guests are then served pieces of the sheet cake that has the same flavor but are not extracted from the round presentation wedding cake. So what I do is that I treat myself and my team and the members of our vendor’s teams with a yummy piece of the cake from the tier the couple has cut. It is such a great reward after a tiring day and a good source of fuel and energy to keep us going for the event clear-out!

* Flowers – Usually our couples leave the centerpieces behind as we only plan destination weddings and they cannot carry any of the flowers apart from the bridal bouquet back. So what I do is I distribute the floral arrangements to our vendor’s team members to take them home to their partners and wives who are waiting for them to return. It feels so great being able to acknowledge the people who stand by us patiently and wait for us at home while me work late, often miss important moments due to our work schedules and sacrifice so much to be with us.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak into the ways I find to keep myself, team and vendors happy during the big day and hope that I have inspired some fellow planners to consider some of these habits in their future events!



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