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My thoughts on work, travel and life in between

My thoughts on work, travel and life in between

This Month I am ...
Jan. 25, 2019

This Month I am ...

I have decided to start a monthly blog post sharing a few “short-but-sweet” personal facts of where I am with my life right now! I split this in sections to keep it brief and hopefully interesting, trying to find connections with you out there sharing a similar mindset! Hope you enjoy!

to be returning to London after what seems like a lifetime. London was my home for 8 years and since I moved back to Greece in 2009 and with work plus my 2nd home in Paros, my visits have become more scarce. So I am spending a whole week in London, seeing good friends, visiting museums, taking long walks in the park, eating at my favorite places and I am oh so excited about the Dior Exhibition at the V&A museum!!

To be totally honest I have been feeling blue since the holidays ended and January is a very long and heavy month. So I wanted to devote some time to myself and focusing on being well inside and out. I have started Pilates again more regularly, invested on weekend naps and walks in nature. I planned a sisters massage session, to spend some time with my sister, went to the salon for general maintenance and devoted some well-deserved time in face, feet and hand masks!

to get as much work done. Each year when we enter January, it seems like the countdown is on and the rush to get tasks completed is a priority. This does result in a heavy workload during the first long month of the year and a significant amount of stress however I am keeping positive that we are making progress and building up our projects step by step each day!

I am ashamed to say that I have given up on Michele Obama's Biography for the time being as I need a fiction novel to help my mind wonder. Reading about love stories during WWII has been helping me escape from reality, and mind travel to different countries, times and circumstances when survival and love were the center of people’s lives.

This is my favorite task of this job, starting to compile décor proposals for my couples. Lots of exciting ideas are coming through, we will be seeing a lot of color this year a lot more upscale events so although this is something new to me I am up for the challenge and already dreaming about the days when our plans become a reality!

that I hate to say I have been neglecting over the past months. One of the downsides of the seasonal nature of this job is that we are MIA during the summer months, trying to recover during autumn and then from December – April trying to do everything that we have neglected over the past months. I have been lucky to have true frineds that understand the reality of my job but I am making it a priority now to devote my time to them.

To be parting with my 1stcar, my dusty blue Fiat 500 after 9 years. I managed to sell it last week to a wonderful couple who lost their car in the wildfires in Greece last July. And expecting my new car, a largest version of the Fiat500 hoepfully in a few weeks to start some new adventures with!

Happy rest of the month everyone!

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